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The Family of Flavors

VH Original.jpg


Hand made in small batches, our original shine goes perfect with afew cubes of ice or in your favorite cocktail.


50% Alcohol by Volume

VH Apple Pie.jpg


Hand made in small batches with eight different spices that are steeped in spirits, to get the most flavor.  The flavored spirits are then mixed with apple juice.  Resulting in the smoothest, most flavorful Apple Pie you have ever had.


20% Alcohol by Volume

VH Firejack.jpg

Late one evening after a poker party had broken up we were drinking spicy shine and playing Black Jack around an open fire.  At one point in the early morning we started throwing the money lost from each hand into the fire for the winner to pull out.  Come morning all the hair had been burnt clean off our hands, several bills were no longer spendable and we had the name for the spicy shine.  Fire Jack!


30% Alcohol by Volume

After getting the idea from some family in hazard, ky we decided to start flavoring our own base shine with real small farm grown honey that gives this shine its unique color and taste. the color will vary but the taste will remain unique and flavorful!
20% Alcohol by Volume
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